You have worked hard for your successes — whether that means you dedicated yourself to your career, to your family or to both. It is only natural that you would worry about the financial and parenting implications of a divorce. When divorce is imminent, you need an attorney who can fully protect your rights.

You need a skilled lawyer on your side who can transition you and your children to a brighter post-divorce future — someone whose years of experience, knowledge of family law, talents as negotiator and litigator, attentive personal service and track record can put this personal and legal crisis behind you.

The Los Angeles based law firm of Okwuosa Pulliam is here to protect your rights.

Protecting Your Rights In And Out Of Court

Our experienced attorneys create legal solutions for families divided by the decision to divorce. We work hard to make your wishes and goals a reality — in and out of court.

We represent clients who are experiencing contested divorce and uncontested divorce. In a contested divorce, the parties disagree on at least one of the main issues. In an uncontested divorce, the parties can agree on the issues and need guidance negotiating the agreements. We are comfortable handling highly contested matters and are fully committed to litigating when necessary to ensure our client obtains favorable results.

Do you have questions about how to proceed with your divorce? Our skilled family law firm can help you find answers to concerns such as the following.

  • Are you concerned about how your hard-earned assets are going to be divided?
  • Are you concerned that if you stayed at home and raised the family, you won’t be rewarded with your fair share of the money and items accumulated during your marriage?
  • Are you concerned about protecting a business or other asset?
  • Are you worried that your contributions to the marital home and family will not be recognized?
  • Are you concerned about how you will share child custody and decision-making with your ex?
  • Are looking for ways to seek an out-of-court resolution of divorce issues?

From start to finish of the legal process, we will be your guide, sounding board and aggressive advocate when divorce disputes become contentious. You have maximum access to our wisdom and expertise and receive facts and options you should be aware of, that can lead to sound decisions about your future.

A significant portion of our divorce clients are high net worth individuals with substantial property, assets and wealth. The accumulation of property, assets and wealth can result in highly complex divorce proceedings. Our Los Angeles law firm has the in-depth knowledge to handle even the most complex divorce cases in LA County and anywhere in California.

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