ometimes clients need debt relief right away, but saving up for attorney fees can take months or even years. That is why we offer No Money Down bankruptcy options for those who qualify.

How Does Zero Down Bankruptcy Work?

Zero Down Bankruptcy can be filed with no upfront payment. Even better, Zero Down Bankruptcy can be filed without interest payments as well. With Zero Down Bankruptcy, you set up a monthly payment plan, with payments beginning 30 days after you have filed. These payments may even be applied to your court fees. There are several distinct advantages to setting up a payment plan:

  • You can begin the filing process immediately, without waiting to save up to pay attorney’s fees first.

  • Since your current debt will be terminated after we successfully filed your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you will have money available to comfortably make your payments.

  • Not only are the installment payments affordable and easy to manage, they get reported to the credit bureaus, helping you reestablish your credit sooner.

  • Zero Down Bankruptcy provides our clients with a fast path to financial freedom.

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