hen a married couple divorces, one household is split into two households.

It may be necessary for one party to provide financial support to the other party and his or her household. Financial support comes in two forms: child support and spousal maintenance.

Child support and spousal maintenance, or alimony, are critical elements of any divorce settlement. Individuals on both sides of this issue — those paying support and those receiving support — want to feel confident that the determinations regarding amount of support are made in a fair and appropriate manner.

Our law firm can help you throughout the process of determining support, advocate for your rights and safeguard the best interests of the children. We know the law and anticipate where the law is going.

If you are unclear on what payment amounts constitute appropriate levels of child support or alimony, our Los Angeles child support law firm can provide the information and guidance you need in Los Angeles County and all of California.

Answering Your Questions About Child Support And Alimony

  • Do you feel you are paying too much child support or spousal support?
  • Are you still waiting for a former spouse to live up to his or her support responsibilities, and need to enforce your rights?
  • Are you seeking a modification of child support because of a change in your financial circumstances, such as the loss of a job?

These are questions we can answer for you, fully and honestly, at Okwuosa Pulliam Law Group.

We have in-depth legal knowledge, a commitment to personal service and a reputation for positive results that can help you. We are dedicated to ensuring that the amount of money you are responsible for paying, or the amount of money that you are receiving, is determined in a fair and appropriate manner.

We will ensure that you know the facts and available legal options when issues arise over:

  • Child support and maintenance
  • A modification of support responsibility when a job is lost or when treatment for an unexpected personal injury in an accident or sudden catastrophic illness puts the injured co-parent on unsound financial footing
  • Parentage issues, when a birth mother needs child support or a biological father is willing to provide that support

Child support and spousal support are always modifiable with the right set of facts. You need to know your rights and have an attorney who can guide you through the system to achieve what you are entitled to receive.

In some situations, the individual who has been ordered to pay support fails to do so. Our lawyers can assist with enforcement actions in an effort to collect support arrears.

The state of California has income-based guidelines for levels of child support as well as guidelines for spousal maintenance.

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