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Maureen Okwuosa-Pulliam 

Maureen Okwuosa-Pulliam is the owner and principal attorney at Okwuosa Pulliam Law Group and has been helping clients navigate Family Law issues, big and small, since 2008. 

Child Custody and Visitation in California

The first step when going through a divorce or break-up with children is to create a child custody and visitation schedule. This schedule must be signed by a judge to be legally enforceable. If parents can come to an amicable agreement, they can submit that schedule to the judge without a court hearing. As such, it is critical that the agreement you submit protects your current and future interests. Our firm specializes in child custody mediation and preparing legally binding, detailed child custody agreements that protect your interests.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the next step will be for both parties to litigate in court and have the judge make the final decision. Our law firm has a high success rate of resolving even the most troublesome disputes and helping our clients arrive at fair and workable arrangements. When disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation, however, we are fully prepared to aggressively advocate for our clients’ interests in court.

Our law firm routinely handles child custody cases and can help to determine the best custody arrangement for you and your children. We will review custody evaluation recommendations, identify the children’s preferences and explain how local and state laws impact your specific case and family situation. Considering these factors, our firm will work with you to devise a plan of custody for your children.

You can rest assured that the Okwuosa Pulliam Law Group will work to achieve the best possible outcome while preserving your parental rights and protecting your children’s best interests. Call (310) 935-9635 or contact us online to schedule an appointment to discuss your child custody/modification case.


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